OBX Martial Arts Kids MMA Program

OBX Martial Arts OBX Martial Arts Kids MMA Program


With each punch, kick, and block, mixed martial artists are using every part of their bodies. Given this, it should come as no surprise that MMA is one of the most effective ways to build and tone muscles throughout the entire body. Through weight training, cardio exercises, and grappling, OBX Martial Arts’s MMA students quickly develop newfound strength, endurance, balance, and coordination with every class. MMA training is intense, but it’s incredibly rewarding and will leave your child with results that are sure to lead them to success in any style of martial arts they may practice.


MMA does more important things than just define your child’s muscles or help them overcome a competitor in the ring – it’s amazing for their health too. MMA is a great source of cardio that incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. As a result, it helps athletes burn fat, reach their goal weight, and improve their lung health. By enrolling in OBX Martial Arts’s MMA training, your child will experience new intensity within their athleticism, get their body in its very best shape, and protect themselves from a variety of diseases. Come Train With our amazing staff and learn the fundamentals of being save for your child

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